You Can Buy Pumpkin Spice…Deodorant
It seems that all kinds of brands want to get their hand in on pumpkin spice. That's cool and all, if it makes sense for that brand, but how far is too far? I think we finally found that answer.
WHS Rock Your Rescue Style Online Silent Auction Underway
They have about 135 lots to choose from. Each lot is comprised of a few pieces that are all coordinated. There are several with an article of clothing and accessories, some that are just accessories, mask bundles, and even MYSTERY bundles! Ohhhh love!
Boob Sweat Be Gone With Bra Coolers
I really don’t know why I didn’t think of this. I know many people, women and men of all ages, would benefit form these inserts. Nobody said you had to put them in your bra. But, if you don’t where a bra, because of these, you might start.

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