For 50 years, the Harlem Wizards have toured the country putting smiles on the faces of millions with their own special brand of "show basketball", helping raise millions of dollars for schools and non-profits along the way, including the Castle High School Basketball Boosters who are bringing the Wizards in for a charity game on Monday, December 3rd.

It should be noted, the Wizards are not the Globetrotters. While both hail from New York's Harlem district, that's where the similarities end. As team president, Todd Davis says on the teams official website,

While the Globetrotters are quite well known and many consider them synonymous with show basketball, they do not deliver the kind of connection, feeling, fun, community and excitement that the Wizards do. The Wizard experience is unique in the world. Many fans tell us that the Wizards show is beyond comparison.


The site goes on to say, "At the Wizards game fans see amazing basketball talent combined with hilarious comedy. The athleticism, tricks, fancy teamwork and ball-handling wizardry, plus wild dunks not even seen in NBA games, engages and wows the most avid hoops fans. The comedy is for everybody. The Wizards look to push the envelope on fun, combining pre-planned comedic acts with spontaneous humor that fans of all ages will find laugh out loud funny. The halftime show with hundreds of kids on the court, plus the postgame interaction with the Wizards who stay until every autograph is signed, is the cherry on top."

Here's a look at the Wizards in action.

Advanced tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for children, and can be purchased at the Newburgh locations of Fifth Third, Old National Bank-Bell Oaks, and People’s Savings Bank-Paradise and State Street through this Friday. Tickets can also be purchased on game day at Castle High School from 10:30-1pm and again beginning at 5:30 for $12 for adults and $10 children. Tickets are also available online.

OR, you could just fill out the form below for the chance to win four FREE tickets, plus four Chicken Sandwich meals and four, small, hand-spun milkshakes from Chick-fil-A on Cross Pointe Boulevard on Evansville's east side! Winner will be drawn and contacted Friday morning.

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