If I can think of one good thing about 2020 it would be that 2020 has taught me how seriously creative people are.  This year none of us expected to be living in a pandemic, and I know none of us thought we'd still be dealing with it in October, but here we are.  We've seen so many people get creative this October by coming up with PVC pipe candy slides, and even candy ziplines.  Now we can add candy sticking to that list.

This certainly seems like the cheaper alternative, and it still looks pretty cool! All you need are some bamboo kabob sticks, popsicle sticks, or even plastic spoons. You tape the candy onto the stick and stick it into the ground so it's like a garden of candy for trick or treaters to choose from.  Wendy Reeves Winter on Facebook had a post go viral after she came up with the idea she dubbed "candy sticking."  She said she's always loved Halloween and wanted to do something to make 2020 special, while keeping everyone safe.

Candy sticking - the 2020 version of trick or treating. As many of you know, I love Halloween. It’s by far my favorite holiday and the thought of canceling trick or treating this year makes me so sad. But why not just get creative and figure out a safe way to do it? I’m calling it candy sticking... what we’ll be doing to our candy and our yard to make trick or treating safe, socially distanced, and still fun for the kids and the adults. Yes, I still want to hang out on my porch and see everyone’s cute costumes. But no, I don’t want a bunch of kids ringing my doorbell and fishing in my bowl for candy. So, I’ll be decorating my yard with candy - Willy Wonka style. Kids can come by and get candy from a safe distance and I’ll get to smile and wave from my front porch. Win. Win. And yes, I’m already thinking about Halloween and have already bought my first pumpkin

Her original post garnered over 65,000 shares on Facebook! It's safe to say candy sticking may be one of the best ideas we've seen in 2020!

Candy Sticking is the Trick or Treat Hack we Needed for 2020


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