Entertaining people for 75 years now with 167 short films to his credit.
You would know his face if you heard his name or read it.
His face is in movies, cartoons, video games, clothing and toys.
He’s the mascot for amusement parks, he’s loved by girls and boys.
You may have seen a WB bunny before but he wasn’t Bugs until 1940, A Wild Hare.
Calm and cool, with carrot in hand this guy doesn’t have a care.
His humor and sarcasm is unmatched as a quick witted thinker.
He’ll even ask his audience, “Gee, ain’t I a stinker?”
You can watch him horse around with his friends Daffy, Porky and Tweety.
Never expect him on time. He probably took a wrong turn in Albuquerque.
Created by Warner Brothers and voiced by Mel Blanc.
As far as cartoons no other character has a higher rank.
Ahead of his time, no character like him since or before.
You disagree!? “Of course you realize this means war!”
He’s been a baseball player, a conductor, a wrestler and even a ship mate.
Always having the upper hand makes Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam irate.
No joke was off the table and his satire always made the news.
In the 1980s “Hare” Jordan even help Michael sell some shoes.
He’s inspired writers, comedians and movies to be funny.
The Movie Little Man was inspired by his short Baby Buggy Bunny.

He has done so much and yet has so much left to do.
I’ve even heard rumors of a Space Jam 2.
No matter your age you must have had a Bugs Bunny talk.
At least you’ve quoted his “Eh, What’s up Doc?”
If you are a fan of anything edgy and funny.
Chances are it was inspired by Bugs Bunny.
Thanks for 75 years of laughs and let’s hope for 75 more years of jokes.
For now Happy Birthday Bugs. That’s all folks!

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