Killing flies has never been more delicious!

Apparently bored with using a shoe, flyswatter, or rolled up newspaper, artist Lorenzo Maggiore came up with the idea of making the irritating task of killing an unwanted insect slightly more entertaining by creating a toy gun that uses a pinch of salt blasted out of its barrel to eradicate the little buggers (get it? "Buggers", because they're know what? Forget it).

Maggiore traveled to China to work with engineers who took his idea and brought it to life. What he got looks like a Nerf gun with its bright yellow exterior and pump-action loading system. Essentially, the gun works like a shotgun, taking each little salt crystal and turning it into a deadly projectile much like a shotgun turns the pellets inside the shell into hundreds of mini-bullets once the trigger is pulled.

Is this something you need? Of course not. I don't need cable television or a video game system to keep me entertained. I want it. Just like I want one of these guns.