A backup dancer who worked on the set of Britney Spears’ ‘Work Bitch’ music video is allegedly suing the pop singer for battery and negligence after the job led to a broken nose.

E! News has got the scoop, reporting that the dancer, Dawn Noel, alleged in the filed complaint that last August Britney arrived at the video shoot “in a disheveled and confused state.”

Dawn also claimed in her statement that “although the choreography involving Britney Spears was fairly basic, she was having difficulty learning the moves, performing dance steps and following simple directions.”

Despite a half hour of attempts, the ‘Britney Jean’ singer couldn’t nail down the choreo, and during one practice move she “twirled in an unbalanced and reckless manner, arms extended out to her sides and forcefully backhanded” Dawn right in her face. Ouch! If true, that had to hurt.

The poorly aimed dance move is what supposedly broke Dawn’s nose, and she claims that she has witnesses among the other dancers that were present and who heard “a cracking sound” at the moment of impact.

On the day of the incident, Britney’s reps, as well as the Reign Deer Entertainment Company, reportedly promised to cover the dancer’s medical bills.

Unfortunately for Dawn, those supposed promises never came through, leaving her with a pile of bills and the motivation for a lawsuit. The backup dancer is now suing Britney for serious physical and emotional damages, emotional distress and anxiety, and disfigurement to her nose.

Not that a broken nose isn’t a painful or serious injury, but those seem like awfully steep claims for an accidental though forceful slap to the face.

Whatever happened on set, we hope the truth comes out soon so both Britney and Noel can move on and leave this mess behind.

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