Britney Spears is putting in even more work on B9, bitch.

While the Living Legend® was only just on the set of Jane The Virgin flaunting her TV Actressney funny chops once again for an upcoming cameo on the show earlier this week, Britney shared two photos from the recording studio last night on Instagram featuring two promising, left-lane producers: Burns and Mischke Butler.

Perhaps you're unfamiliar. Let's explore a little more (MOAH) in depth, shall we?

Burns is a UK DJ/producer, who has collaborated with the likes of Fred Falke, toured with Calvin Harris and even acquired a Las Vegas DJ residency. (In fact, he's got a show with Calvin coming up at Hakkasan in Las Vegas — no doubt a convenient opportunity for Brit Brit to go pop into right after tearing up the stage that night at Piece Of Me.)

Along with a string of original singles and remixes, Burns has had a hand in a few recent pop productions, including Pitbull and Inna's "All The Things" with Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding's fantastically moody, downtempo Halcyon Days electronic gem "Midas Touch."

Imagine B-Girl singing something like this? Guh.

Mischke Butler has had an even more diverse career as a pop songwriter and producer, spanning all the way back to writing on Spice Girls' Forever (including "Tell Me Why"!), to vocal production on the solo Pussycat Dolls songs on Doll Domination, to co-writes with JoJo ("Anything," "Running On Empty" and "Can't Take That Away From Me") and Little Mix ("Wings").

That's a whole lot of talent in one studio. Promising!

Burns and Mieschke are just the latest names to add to the steadily growing B9 roster, which includes Sam Bruno and Matthew Koma, who spoke to PopCrush about working with Britney and revealed that at least one song is inspired by the band Squeeze.

As for any other hints as to what kinds of sounds B's been cooking up? For that, we'll just have to...

Britney Wait And See GIF

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