Boonville Walmart hosted a drive by birthday party for a 92 year old employee that left him with tears of joy.

Delmar Willett celebrated his 92nd birthday on April 14th. Delmar has been employed at Boonville's Walmart for over 30 years. Many who frequent that location have surely said "hi" to him a time or two.

As you know, we are living in some very trying and strange times where we can't even gather with loved ones. Walmart and his friends and loved ones didn't want to just wish him a happy birthday via phone or message, they wanted to surprise him with a special
"drive by" birthday party!

I spoke with his daughter, Delma Dillman ( who also happened to be my 7th grade math teacher) about her dad and his special day. Here's what she said:

Delmar Willett, my dad, had a birthday on April 14, he was 92 years old.  He works at the Walmart store in Boonville, Indiana and has been employed there for 30 years now.  At the age of 62, he retired from Traylor Bros. as a semi-truck driver.  He was home one week and decided sitting home was not for him.  A call was made to the local Walmart to see if they had any openings and the next week he started as their day shift maintenance man working 35 hours per week.  He absolutely loves that place and the people he works with.  A bonus for him is that he sees people from all over the tri-state area and gets to keep up with their families.

Forward to March, 2020.  Dad took a week off work for vacation on Spring Break.  The COVID-19 was approaching our area so his children helped persuade him to not go back to work until the last possible moment and his birthday fell during this time.  On his birthday, I posted a picture of my dad on Facebook so people could wish him a happy birthday.


As one might assume, dad does not have a cell phone and absolutely no social media so my mom read him and the birthday wishes.  Anyway, some employees from Walmart decided to surprise my dad by having a drive-by birthday party.  One person even dropped off a cake on his porch with the candles 9 and 2.  The friends from Walmart honked and some had signs to wish dad a happy birthday.


With tears in my dad's eyes, he said, "It was one of the best birthdays EVER!"He can't wait to get back to work, at 92 years of age.  He is an inspiration to us all.

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