Get ready Tri-State to laugh your butt off! The Bob and Tom Comedy All-Stars Tour brought to you by Law Chevrolet Buick in Boonville is coming to Evansville on November 4th! There will be plenty of comedians to make us laugh including Kristi Lee,  Hannibal Buress, April Macie, Shane Mauss, Auggie Smith and special guests: Donnie Baker, Kenny Tarmac and Floyd the Trucker! To get you prepared for the event, here are a few videos from some of the performers to get you excited!

Hannibal Buress

Auggie Smith

April Macie

Shane Mauss

Haven’t got your tickets yet for the Bob & Tom Comedy All Stars-Tour?

Bob & Tom Comedy All-Stars Tour : Friday, November 4, 7:30PM at Victory Theatre, 600 Main Street, Evansville, IN, United States; Ticket Prices are $27.50 ; tickets can be purchased at

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