Billy Eichner found the secret to making a Taylor Swift song that even her haters will love: He left in the I’ve-never-had-any-real-problems emo lyrics -- and took out the Taylor Swift.

Eichner hits the pop princess nail on the head with this new Funny or Die video for his Swiftian summer folk tune called ‘Glitter and Ribs,’ which includes such sage advice as “life won’t always be glitter and ribs.”

He also deftly captures that feeling that all young women share: that they have hearts like a horse.

Haven’t we all been in love with a "door walkin’ through boy" at some point? And haven't you ever wanted to buy ice cream just to watch it melt? You get us, Billy Taylor Swift Eichner. You really get us.

Of course, the best part of this video has to be Eichner’s uncanny resemblance. Oh, not to Taylor Swift ... but to Bugs Bunny in drag.

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