A real-life Bill & Ted phone booth? Excellent!

Should you be in the market for a working telephone booth that looks exactly like the one from 1989's Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, you're in luck. Rockers and movie fans anticipating the upcoming movie installment Bill & Ted Face the Music can get their jollies in this replica phone booth made by Cubicall.

The recreation is manufactured by the cubicle company that designs employee privacy booths for open floor plans. As shown by CNET, the replica even comes with an umbrella "time travel" antenna on top. But, as an associated disclaimer notes, "Due to retrofitting of the payphone, booths cannot travel in time." Sadly, no Rufus included.

However, it can make and receive telephone calls with its authentic payphone capable of VoIP or landline service. Of course, that phone comes in the 600-pound, 42" x 42" footprint Bill & Ted phone booth that's available for pre-order now. The total price is $8,495 (with a required deposit).

"You exist in the time period when the official Bill and Ted Excellent Phone Booth is available for purchase," the ad copy reads. "The phone booth is traveling through the Circuits of Time, with expected arrival in May 2020. Secure your place in line for the limited-run phone booths here."

The replica phone booth made an appearance Sunday (Feb. 2) in a Walmart commercial that aired during Super Bowl LIV. In the spot dubbed "Famous Visitors," Bill & Ted star Alex Winter arrives in the booth accompanied by his CGI-assisted younger self. That same spot features a musical queue from Warrant. Watch the commercial toward the bottom of this post.


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