This story sounds like something ripped right out of the plot of a Hallmark movie. However, it really happened right here in Owensboro and it may be one of the sweetest stories, literally and figuratively, you'll ever hear.

A couple of years ago, as part of a fun marketing campaign, Ben's Soft Pretzels here in Owensboro staged a fun "engagement" photo downtown on the riverfront.  Ben's Soft Preztels, by the way, was founded back in 2008.  They have been here in Owensboro for the past few years and now currently have a retail location inside the Owensboro Meijer location.

A while back, my friend Collin Morris had a great idea for a social media ad/photo campaign. He decided to take a young couple to downtown Owensboro and stage a fake "engagement" on the riverfront.

Collin Morris
Collin Morris

Clearly, instead of an engagement ring, Collin's brother Cameron presented his fellow model Emelyn an engagement pretzel.  That photo is priceless.

Well, this story just got even more priceless and romantic.  This is where the "Hallmark movie" part comes in.  See, Cameron and Emelyn were high school sweethearts.  In fact, they had just started dating before the "pretzel" shoot.  As fate would have it, that "fake" engagement made way for a real one.  And, Cameron and Emelyn recently went one step further.  Cameron ditched the pretzel and actually put a ring on it.

The two were married on New Year's Day at Pleasant Valley Community Church here in town.  They took advantage of Cameron's home visit during his block leave from the U.S. Army.  He's currently stationed at Fort Polk in Louisiana and had to return just a day after the wedding.

And, yes! We have an official wedding photo to share with you!

Ben's Soft Pretzels
Alexa Suter Photography

See, I told you this sounded like a Hallmark movie!  Here's our interview with Cameron.

Congratulations to Cameron and Emelyn Morris!

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