They say she's bossy, beautiful, funny and simply just Maggie.  Meet Maggie Maden! Next week, the Beaver Dam resident will celebrate her 104th birthday and Dogwood Estates is inviting you to be a part of the fun they have planned for her.

Proving that it's such a small world, I happen to be friends with Maggie's oldest grandchild (Darren "Farmer" Luttrell) and her youngest (Kara Allen). Farmer says that Maggie is "an amazing grandmother and great grandmother."  As Maggie quickly approaches her 104th birthday, Farmer fondly recalls what she said a few years back when she turned 100.  She said, "No one should have to live this long!"  She added, "Nothing works and I'm tired all the time."

Maggie's granddaughter, Kara, explains why.  "(Maggie) traveled to all 50 states, she kept a garden, orchard, drove to GE and worked at nights and then came home and took care of her four children."  Apparently Maggie was quite the square dancer in her prime too.  And she was an incredible seamstress.  Kara says Maggie made her very first prom dress (from $30 worth of material from Hancock Fabrics) and Kara still treasures it to this day.

Kara's older sister, Wendy, bragged on their grandmother's sewing skills too.  "My mom won Best Dressed in high school thanks to her handy work!"  Wendy knows that handy work well too.  Maggie made the bridesmaid dresses for her wedding.

If Maggie was tired at 100, it's no wonder why.  Wendy says, " Seriously, I never remember her taking a break or resting. I think her work ethic definitely contributes to her length and quality of life!"  Kara agrees.  She adds, "I have never know a stronger woman.  She is a pillar of resilience and wisdom."

Next week, that pillar of wisdom turns 104-years-old and it's clear, as Kara says, "She means so much to so many people. I'm sure there are chapters of her life that I don't even know about."

Well, the impressive and amazing thing is this.  After all these years, Maggie Maden is STILL writing chapters- the latest of which are unfolding at Dogwood Estates Retirement and Assisted Living Facility, where they are gearing up for a big week of festivities!

This morning, Arrie Winfield, the Resident Services Director at Dogwood, called the morning show to chat with Angel and me about Maggie.

If you would like to join in the party and celebration of Maggie's 104th birthday, you can send a card to the following address:

Dogwood Estates
Attn: Maggie Maden
949 West 7th Street
Beaver Dam, Kentucky 42320
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