Yesterday, I ranted about being "bikini perfect," and how I don't believe there is such a thing. I also went on to state something that I genuinely believe to be truth: Beauty is an Illusion.

I say this because if you have ever looked at the cover of a magazine and found yourself wishing your skin were that clear, your belly were that flat, that your cheekbones were that high... the list goes on... Then you need to see the video below from Dove.

As a mom, I battle with my 12 year old daughters self-image. "I don't look like _____" Fill in the blank with any number of things from the other girls at school to actresses on television. This is where I quickly step in to remind her that she is the way she is, because her dad & I are the way we are. She's tall because her dad is 6'3" & I'm 5'7". She has brown hair & brown eyes, because I do too. I have always tried to celebrate her differences - the things that make her unique, and the things that make her my girl. I have always made a concious effort to maintain a positive self-image for myself as well. Standing in front of the mirror examining my personal flaws and barking about them is NOT going to help her build a positive body image either.

I've explained that what she sees on TV, the movies, and in magazines is all an illusion. Quite simply real women, REAL women, do not roll out of bed looking like superstars! This is where this video is especially helpful. The transformation that takes place from natural to full make-up and hair is dramatic, but THEN add in the computer editing and MAN! Again, beauty is an illusion. I hope that if you have a young woman in your life that you will share this video with her, and that it will make as much of an impression on her as it did my daughter.

***Here's to loving ourselves, as we are.