You have to see this to believe it. Then you have to watch it again to make sure you believe it.

The guys from Dude Perfect have been performing basketball trick shots for the past few years and just like so many other popular things these days, they became YouTube sensations first. Since then, they've been featured on Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and ESPN to name a few. They even have their own app (although who doesn't these days), available through the App Store and Google Play for Android.

Their videos include creating the "world's largest slingshot" out of an old tree and setting a world record with a shot inside Cowboy's Stadium in Dallas, TX. Two days ago, they released their wildest video yet. A trick shot from the world famous Goodyear Blimp. At first it's hard to tell the shot went in until you see the guys on the ground go crazy. Thankfully, they offer a few replays from a few different angles to show you the ball going through the hoop. Whether the ball legitimately went through the hoop or whether this is simply the work of some crafty editing is hard to tell. I'm saying it's legit. Take a look and judge for yourself.