I'm not the biggest basketball fan in the world, but I appreciate athleticism and a player's ability to improvise on the fly. Which is exactly what happened during a college basketball game between Hampton College and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore earlier this week.

Hampton guard Derrion Pellum knocked the ball out of his opponents hands, but finds himself in a predicament at the other end of floor while trying to score off the turnover. In a flash of brilliance (and about 1.5 seconds), Pellum essentially passes the ball to himself by bouncing it off the backboard. This gives him just enough time to get on the other side of his defender (the guy he stole the ball from in the first place) and set himself up for a nasty two handed slam. You have to see it to believe it.

By the way, for whatever reason, the video was recorded without sound so there's nothing wrong with your speakers.

[Source: Yahoo! Sports]

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