When it comes to cookies, my all rime, number one favorite are Oreos. I love them so much, my favorite ice cream involves them, too. But, when it comes to wine, I may also chose my favorite because of my obsession with the Oreo cookie.

I know, that sounds weird even typing it. When I saw on Instagram that Oreo was teaming up with Barefoot wines, I have to admit, the post caught my attention. Combining red wine with the flavors of chocolate and vanilla reminds me of another favorite of mine, chocolate covered strawberries dipped in whip cream.

No? I know it's a stretch, but come on, it does sound similar in types of flavor mixtures. So, for that reason, I'm all in. Introducing Barefoot Oreo Thins Red Blend wine.

According to the press release,

the one-of-a-kind blend includes flavors of chocolate, cookies, and creme along with notes of oak, which perfectly complement the flavors of an Oreo Thins cookie.

For $24.99 you will receive two bottles of Oreo wine, boxed up together and shipped to you.  

You can only find it online beginning tomorrow, Thursday, December 9th. Just go to BarefootWine.com/OreoThins

I have no idea what time they go on sale, but you better believe the bottle sets will go fast.


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