Pirates, treasure, parrots, swords, skulls, and crossbones are the things of books and movies. From Treasure Island to Pirates of the Caribbean, everything about pirate life is exciting and daring.

I raised three little swashbucklers who played pirates all over the house and all over the yard and through the trees. I even buried a little treasure box full of chocolate coins and hid it in the yard. Once the kids got their swords, eye patches, and pirate hats on, I handed them a map I had made with clues to the treasure. It was so much fun to watch them look for it. The treasure hunt was a huge success and one of my fondest memories of our days of play.

When I found this pirate ship on Airbnb, I immediately thought of my kids. They would have loved to stay on this ship. I can see them all dressed up and living the dream.

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The Pirate Ship is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, right on the Mississippi River, just 4 minutes from the airport. It’s docked on a gated marina with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The ship sleeps six people at $350 a night.

As I read all of the info about the ship, I came across this description/warning from the Super Host, Dan, that cracked me up. #truth

...This is not a 5 star hotel with locking doors and professional staff abound. This is a Pirate Ship. While we clean the decks and make the beds with fresh sheets it’s a pirate ship! We don’t tolerate pissy bitchy people who may complain about dust and locks, spider webs, and ladders. You have to step over water, go straight up ladders and shimmy around tight spots. The top deck gets wet when it rains. There’s noises. If you don’t like it upon arrival please leave. No hard feelings matey. It’s not for everyone...
...bathrooms on board usually work but some people prefer to use the port-O-potty in the parking lot for ease. The heads are small and clog easily meaning you may HAVE TO use the marina facilities...While we love a hearty guest we despise the wimpy ones. This is not Disneyland or a Hilton...

See what I mean? LOL. You gotta love some hard truth. It makes me want to stay at the Pirate Ship even more.

Take a look at the Minnesota Pirate Ship.

Take A Vacation on a Pirate Ship

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