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Arrested Development (Fox, 4 Seasons)

Arrested Development Season 4 Photos

When I say that this show is my favorite comedy of all-time, I am not using hyperbole. This show is an amazing blend of crazy and practical that has yet to be duplicated. The cast of this show have all gone on to do amazing things. It's odd to think of a time when Michael Cera and Jason Bateman weren't household names.

The show follows a wealthy family who loses their wealth after their dad is arrested. Jason Bateman's character, Michael, has to keep everything together. This is a show I could rewatch 100s of times and still find something new to laugh at. The show is very quotable and holds up very well. Also, if you've ever wondered where the "Narrator" meme came from, it's from this show. While the Netflix exclusive season wasn't as great as the previous 3, it's still better than most things on TV.

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