Ariana Grande had the best reaction to a resurfaced hand-washing meme amid the coronavirus outbreak.

On Thursday (March 5), the Thank U, Next hitmaker took to social media to jokingly react to an old meme poking fun at how she would wash her hands in the midst of growing concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. (The CDC is urging people to wash their hands frequently as an effective prevention against the novel virus.)

Paper magazine reposted the viral "Ariana Grande washing hands" video on Instagram with the caption "Using this iconic video as a friendly reminder to wash! your! f--king! hands!" The clip shows someone with extra long sleeves attempting to wash their hands, but getting them drenched in water instead.

"hate you all," the pop star responded in the comments section.

Check out the hilarious meme and Grande's reaction, below.

Grande, who is is known for wearing oversizes clothes with exceptionally long sleeves, went viral on Tik Tok last year after users created videos pretending to be her by doing random things, like serving Thanksgiving dinner or making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, with their sleeves pulled over their hands.

"Man if y’all don’t leave me alone," Grande commented at the time. "this made me so anxious."

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