If you and your neighbor share adjoining lawns not block by a fence, do you cut your neighbor's part of the yard? I ask because, at my house, the majority of my property is surround by a privacy fence, but it doesn't encompass the entire property line. So when I have my kids cut the grass (that's what kids are for right?) I tell them to cut the grass behind our fence AND the neighbor's fence. My neighbor also cuts OUR side when he cuts their grass so its a mutually beneficially arrangement.

As I was driving to work this morning, I noticed that there were a lot of yards that weren't separated by fences where one part was cut but the neighbor's part of the yard wasn't. And I made me wonder are they mad at each other, bad neighbors, or what? I think it make YOUR property look tacky if and also kinda petty to stop at some imaginary property line. If you don't want to cut the whole thing, put up a fence, but don't just make it look like only HALF the lawn was cut!

Am I wrong? Should each neighbor only be responsible for his "side" or should they share the responsibility for the whole yard?

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