Yeah, I'm just as surprised as you are.

Back in the mid 2000's, Dog the Bounty Hunter introduced the world of bounty hunting. Each episode would feature Dog, and his family, track down people who were trying to escape from court dates, the law, etc. The show was heavily dramatized but it did show the world the profession. When you think of bounty hunting, you think of the old west or this guy:


It was a big surprise to me that we have some bounty hunters right here in the Tri-State, as was made public by this post from the wonderful Evansville Watch:

That's real. I guess at around 2am this morning, a bounty hunter just magically showed up at the Civic Center hunting a criminal. I don't even care what the circumstances were. If your story includes the word "bounty hunter" in it, I'm interested. I have no idea how this story ended or if the guy got the fugitive, but I like to think that he at least got to bear mace someone.

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