Outside of my daily duties such as hanging with you Sundays-Fridays from 2-6pm (shameless plug) and handling my other responsibilities as the brand manager of 106-1 KISS-FM, I moonlight as color commentator for KISS-FM sister-station, Newstalk  1280AM's coverage of Evansville high school football. Over the past two seasons, I've been able to witness some pretty exciting finishes including a double-overtime win by Castle over Mater Dei back in October, so I understand how emotion can take over an announcer like it did during a recent college hoops game.

Before you watch the video, here's what you need to know. After a 3-point basket put them down by two against  Georgetown College yesterday, Lindsey Wilson College committed a foul which sent Georgetown player Garel Craig to the free throw line for two shots, both of which he missed. With three seconds left in the game, Lindsey Wilson College heaved up a prayer that I assume left their play-by-play guy with a sore throat this morning.

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