Since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt aren't acting much lately and seem bored with snatching children from other countries, they've now become vitners. Which is the fancy word for "over-privileged people who make wine."

Jolie and Pitt teamed up with the Perrins of Beaucastel (not to be confused with the Winchesters of 'Supernatural' or the Peppercorn Ranches of Hidden Valley) to create their very own rosé.

Were you reading that in a French accent? You were supposed to be reading that in a French accent!

The couple is producing their debut wine at their French home, Château Miraval, which comes equipped with its own vineyard. But before you get visions of Brangelina re-creating an 'I Love Lucy' episode, keep in mind they're only providing space for the endeavor. The Perrins will be making and selling the liquefied grapes.

The wine itself, the incredibly haughty sounding Miraval Provence, will be available for your wallet-emptying pleasure next month. There are also plans for a white wine in the summer and a red next year.

"They want to ensure they are making the best Provence wines they can," said Marc Perrin of the Beaucastel Perrins. "They were present at the blending sessions this year, and are relooking at everything from the installations in the winery – where we have already switched to stainless steel tanks – to reworking the labels across the range of wines."

“It's sure to be the most charitable pink wine of the year,” added Mungo Baggins of the Sackville-Bagginses.

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