Don't spend your summer at a boring science, history, or art museum, instead, you can spend it having fun, and chowing down on ice cream at the new Ice Cream Museum that is opening this July in Illinois!

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According to an article from, there is an Ice Cream Museum set to open on July 16th in Chicago, and tickets are already on sale. In the article they say...

"It's not open quite yet, but tickets are on sale now for Chicago's new Museum of Ice Cream, located at 435 Michigan Ave...the museum allows visitors to learn about the history of ice cream, play at the dessert-themed indoor carnival, relax in a "sea of pink clouds" in a balloon room and throw virtual cherries at each other in an integrative game... museum-goers will also have the chance to try five dessert stations, featuring unique items like ice cream hot dogs and shaved ice, along with seasonal treats."

The article goes on to say that tickets start at $36 and if you want to buy them click here! 

How awesome is this?!? I want to go to the ice cream museum very badly, I have one thing that is my food crutch and that is ice cream, I could eat ice cream every day (even during the winter), but I have to drive certain ways home to avoid Dairy Queen. It is cool that this ice cream museum is located in downtown Chicago as well because if you want to take the train from Quincy to Chicago you can walk to the museum from the train station it's only a little over a mile from the train station.

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