An amazing video has surfaced on the 100-car pile-up caused by the winter storm which dumped 8 to 10 inches of snow throughout Illinois.

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Between Normal Illinois and Minonk a 100-car pile-up stretching close to 30 miles long was the result of a major winter storm that came through Illinois this week. Cars that weren't involved in the pile-up waited hours to be able to more and head home or to their destination. The good news is that no one was seriously hurt and there were no fatal injuries to report, but there are roughly 30 cars that received severe damage from the wreck.

Another video that surfaces is one from a driver that was hit by a semi (he was ok) and took damage of the wreck that he was involved in.

The storm that came through wreaked havoc over several states. Some got snow, others massive rainfall, and even a tornado. It's truly amazing that no one was hurt in the 100-car pile-up in Illinois, there will be a lot of insurance claims made today, but amazed that there were no fatalities in that crash. It's just a reminder when a storm like that comes through unless yous ABSOLUTLEY have to - just stay home!

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