Amanda Bynes has reportedly been placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold in the Los Angeles area after several days of displaying increasingly bizarre behavior in New York City.

TMZ reports that after Bynes arrived in the Los Angeles area on Friday, Oct. 10, the former Nickelodeon actress thought she was being escorted to The London Hotel where she was told she would be meeting with her parents and their lawyer. Instead, her parents made arrangements with the car service to take her to a Pasadena hospital against her will. It was there that her parents' lawyer, Tamar Arminak, was waiting with doctors.

In a video of Bynes arriving at LAX airport, she rants against her parents and talks repeatedly about her looks. Before she leaves in her car, she says, "I want to be like Marilyn Monroe one day. I actually feel like an orphan. My father should be put in jail for a very long time."

On Friday, Bynes had tweeted - then recanted - that her father had sexually abused her growing up. She then tweeted that a "microchip" made her say those things - a microchip implanted by her father.

The site reports that Bynes has been put on a 5150 psychiatric hold which could last for 72 hours. She could possibly be held for up to 14 days, in which case her parents are moving to get another conservatorship.

Earlier on Friday, Bynes was reportedly kicked out of LaGuardia Airport in New York City after becoming hostile when she couldn't book an immediate flight out of NYC to LA.

The incident was the latest out of a long string of headlines made by Bynes in NYC this week, including attacking a fan and being accused of shoplifting at a luxury department store.

In Oct. 2013, Bynes was reportedly diagnosed with bipolar depression and schizophrenia and was placed in a mental health facility for treatment. She was reportedly under the watch of her parents until this summer when her parent's conservatorship ended in June.

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