It's not easy being green. Adam Lambert, who showed off glossy mint green locks earlier this week, has already grown bored with that hue. He is now rocking platinum strands.

The fabulous and stylish singer, an 'American Idol' alum, is known for having inky black hair most of the time. But he debuted the white locks in an Instagram pic, which he captioned, "White Hair Don't Care."

A. Lamb is stationed in his car for this selfie and we're loving the five o'clock shadow and those Lady Gaga-like glasses. Those are about as fabulous as it gets. The shades are a way less-extreme (and not face-sized) version of Gaga's gear here.

Lambert's shock of white hair works since his style is unique and flashy. He can get away with extremes since his personal style and look is anything but middle of the road. He has such a distinct point of view with his hair and his fashions.

We just hope his stylists and colorists use a thick, rich and deep conditioner, because going from black to green to white is hell on hair. Or maybe the green was a spray-in or temporary color as a stop off on the way to white.

This isn't the first time that Lambert has gone platinum. Remember when he bleached out his strands back in 2012? Relive it here. Maybe Katy Perry, also known for her black hair but who went green recently, will follow suit and follow Lambert to white hot hair. We'll see.

See the new-look Lambert below.

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