One website ranked the cities most likely to be hit by a tornado, and the list features 3 cities from the Show-Me State. Which cities made their list, and why do they say you need to be extra prepared for tornados if you live there?

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Get our free mobile app has released a list called 26 USA Cities Most Likely To Be Hit By A Tornado, and the list features 3 cities from the Show-Me State of Missouri. The cities that make their list are Kansas City in the 26th spot, Springfield in the 11th spot, and St. Louis in the 8th spot.

In the article, they say this when talking about Tornados in Kansas City...

"...the city and the surrounding area see hundreds of less apocalyptic tornadoes a year. Straddling the border between Kansas and Missouri, it’s near the epicenter of Tornado Alley and has a high chance of experiencing hit with storms. "

And they go on to say this when talking about why Springfield, Missouri is ranked 11th...

"Just in early December 2018, six tornadoes were confirmed by the National Weather Service to have touched down in the Ozarks, long away from the usual tornado season. It proves that no matter what time of year or where you are, a tornado may just appear."

The list includes only one city from Illinois, and that is Springfield, and the top of the list is Tornado Alley, basically, they say if you live anywhere in the heart of the Midwest (Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa included) you have a higher chance of encountering a Tornado (which is like...Tell me something I don't know) to see the complete list for yourself click here! 

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