What is the oldest building in each state? That is the question one website tried to answer, and the results for the Oldest Building in the Show-Me State of Missouri led them to a river town south of St. Louis.

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According to an article from the website thediscoverer.com, the oldest building in Missouri is (probably) this house known as the Louis Bolduc House in the historic French district of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. The house dates back to the late 1780s, they say about 1787, they go on to say...

"Walking tours of the town’s historic district visit many centuries-old timber-framed structures, the eldest of which is probably the Louis Bolduc House... Built about 1787 to replace an earlier home destroyed by a flood, it’s an example of what’s known as poteaux sur solle (posts-on-sill) construction."

The home looks like something that is straight out of an old Revolutionary War movie, and the sites list the oldest buildings in each state, so for our readers on the Illinois side of the river, the oldest building in the Land of Lincoln is part of the Fort De Chartres which is on the Mississippi River about an hour south of St. Louis, and it dates back to the 1750s. To see the full list of oldest buildings in each state for yourself just click here!

Both of these locations would be really interesting to check out, especially the house in Ste. Genevieve because there is more to do in that quaint river town, and there is something unique about seeing an old house like that compared to an old fort like the one in Illinois.

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