Today was a perfect day to fly a kite! The sun was shining, and there was a just enough airflow for it to be breezy but not windy.

Mike & I were talking about how we should get kites for the kids. Being the mom that I am, I immediately loaded up in the car for a quick trip to the Dollar Store to see if I could find some kites. Of course, I was victorious! And thrifty! $2.50 each!

Once I got the kites back home, and we did some quick assembly, we were ready to go! Unfortunately, getting a kite to take off, even on a breezy day is trickier than I remember from when I was a kid! We would get them about 50 feet into the air, and then they would nose dive back to the ground! Grrrr!!!

We finally managed to get them up, up, and going strong! I handed off the handle/string combo to my 7 year old stepson with the instruction of 'just let it keep going until you run out of string.' The problem with this, as we quickly learned, is that said string is NOT tied off on said handle! So, kite number one took off across the houses, the street, and into the woods... somewhere. Of course by this point, Mike & my stepdaughter have really gotten their kite going. Unfortunately, my stepson and I are just standing around watching in envy. My husband makes the suggestion to his daughter that she should let her brother have a turn with the kite, since his flew away. Great idea! We can share!




If you could have only seen it! There is lil' man with the kite blazing and the handle in his hand when suddenly, the handle slips out of his hand! The kite takes off!! Again, over the houses, across the road, but not into the trees this time. All the while, dragging the little yellow handle behind it... at least until it hit that second house! We all take off running in hopes of catching the second kite. 300 yards from home, all that remains was a little yellow handle, and about 6 inches of string! Dang it! LOL

All and all we had a great time, even if we did manage to lose 2 kites in about an hours time, but it was the most fun 4 people could have had on $5.00!

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