Fans of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days got a big surprise after Memphis Smith and Hamza Mokni quickly stepped forward in holy matrimony — and then Smith revealed they were already pregnant while honeymooning.

During the show's March 27 episode, fans watched as Smith and Mokni navigated their relationship.

Despite the cultural differences, opposing opinions on signing a prenup and Mokni reportedly lying about his age, the couple went forward with their speedy wedding.

As the newlywed couple enjoyed their honeymoon, Smith — who has two children from previous relationships — took a moment to share the news that she was pregnant.

While Mokni was overjoyed, the pregnancy was a shock to everyone else, viewers included.

"I was not trying to get pregnant on this trip, but we weren't taking a lot of precautions," Smith said on the episode. "So we knew that this was something that could happen."

"To be honest, the idea of having more kids is really stressful. I have children already, and I'm pretty much settled, but because I love Hamza so much and I know that he wants to be a father, that makes me want to give him one," she continued.

Meanwhile, Mokni told the cameras that "today is the best day for me. I'm so happy because I was alone, and now two people will be by my side."

But viewers have questions and feel like they need to enroll in a math class because something seemingly doesn't add up.

"Right now I'm only three weeks pregnant and I'm already totally exhausted," Smith said during the episode.

"And now I'm going to be going home and reality is really hitting me that Hamza is not going to be there to support me, to help me. It's just hard. I don't know how I'm going to do this alone," she added.

However, some viewers believe Smith and Mokni haven't been together long enough for her to have already been three weeks pregnant at the time — and they really want answers!

Check out funny fan reactions to the baby bombshell, below:

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