Being married is great, being married is also so hard. 

First, I will start by saying I love my husband. He's the bees knees, most of the time. We have been together for several years and married just over a year. People have always told me, relationships and marriage are so hard. They are right. For someone like me, it's a challenge. I am very independent, sassy, marches to the beat of my own drum, can't handle being told what to do, and pretty much live my life the way I want, when I want, and how I want. My husband is also very similar so it works for us.

However, my patience is tested many times due to the most annoying things ever. But that's marriage, right? No one is perfect and if they were, we would hate that too. It's like when someone is "too nice". Like come on. In the last several years, I have learned to ignore a lot of things but yet, there are some that make me want to pull my hair out.

Empty milk glasses

My husband is the KING of leaving an empty glass on the end table. For the love of God, it's not hard to walk to the kitchen and put it in the sink. What's worse? When said glass had milk in it. Ewe. I hate milk and I hate it even more when he lets it dry in the glass.


I never knew someone who didn't understand the difference between towels before I met my husband. We have a pool so we have (or so I thought) pool towels, our bath towels, "dog towels", and so on. Like legit towels for specific things. I came home the other night and he was using a bath towel out by the pool. Me being type A, said "why are you using that towel?" He looked me dead in the eyes and said "towels are towels". Insert the look of the devil from my face. I lost my crap.


I don't shave my legs on the counter and leave little hairs everywhere for all to see, so why does he. I give up.

Bull in a China shop

My husband used to work nights so when he'd get home at 6am (while I would be sleeping). There was no "quiet" to him. Doors are slamming, TV is turned up, sink water running and so on. It doesn't matter what he is doing he is never quiet and always sounds like a bull in a china shop.


The man mumbles and I can hardly hear him. I am constantly asking him to "enunciate your words!"

Leaves the bedroom door open

It may be odd, but I hate the door being open at night while I am sleeping. For example, per firefighters it's best to leave the door shut at night in case of a fire. I also hate it because it let's too much light in, in the morning.

Sleeping with the fan on

Yes, I am one of those who hates it. But I also compromise and we sleep with the fan on.

Although these drive me insane, I know there are several things I do that make him want to pull his hair out. Nonetheless, he's my boo and I love him bunches.


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