Couples are always trying to find ways to keep the romance alive. Whether it's by going on dates or just spending quality time together, couples need that time to bond and refresh the relationship. Sometimes, however, things go awry when an idea sounds sexy and turns out to not be sexy at all. In fact, some ideas are even disastrous.

1) Showering Together
Showering together seems like such a good idea - so much so that couples try it over and over again. However, unless you have the biggest shower ever with two shower heads on opposite sides, showering together is actually a nightmare. Instead of feeling sexy, someone is always huddled in the corner feeling cold while the other one is hurrying up to wash so you don't run out of hot water. It's just a bad idea all around.

2) Sharing Food
Sharing food looks sexy, but in reality, it isn't. Sometimes it might be to a new couple, but to an old couple, the woman usually takes a bite of her mans food, decides she likes it better, and then proceeds to make him eat her food. C'est la vie!

3) Sleeping in the same cozy bed
Sleeping all huddled up under a pile of blankets seems so nice. Especially in the winter months when it can be so cold. Sleeping in a cramped bed with someone who flops around, snores, and has night terrors though is another story. I actually woke up to my husband beating on my legs once because he was having a night terror that I was on fire. While I appreciate his thoughtfulness in trying to put me out, since I wasn't actually on fire it was a rather jarring way to wake up. King beds are great, guys.

4) Massages
Legitimate couples massages by massage therapists actually are great. However, just giving each other massages is another story. Sure, it starts out okay but then the massager gets tired and the other person doesn't want to follow through by giving a massage in return and then it just becomes a 'whole big thing'. It's rarely ever sexy.

5) Snuggling together
Snuggling can be awesome! Sometimes though, it's more complicated than you'd think. Snuggling on a small couch is tough. It seems like a fun idea to curl up and watch your favorite show together, but in fact, it's pretty uncomfortable. Someone's elbow is always prodding into something, you both start to sweat from being too hot, your leg goes numb because it's in an awkward position - it's all just a little too much to be fun.

6) Having a 'quickie'
As someone who has been in a relationship for quite some time, I can tell you that having a quickie is not a good idea - at least, not most of the time. What you both think will be an exciting little burst of lovemaking turns into a stressful situation. Do we have enough time? Are the kids okay? Is the door locked? All of these questions and more arise and then before you know it the mood is totally killed.

7) Doing 'it' in unusual locations.
Every couple thinks that doing 'it' in a new location will bring back the excitement and sometimes it does, but other times it goes terribly, horribly wrong. From rooftops to public parks to vehicles and more, people have been doing it anywhere they can since the dawn of time. However, if you've actually never done it on a rooftop, in a park, in a car, etc, then you have an idealistic version of what takes place in your mind. Let me break it down for you: having sticks poke you, roofing embedded into your butt cheek, or sand from a beach trapped in crevices that should never have sand trapped in them is NOT at all sexy. Rather it's painful, and not in a good way. So unless you're a contortionist, just stick to the bed.

NOTE: I have not tried all of the things I wrote about in number 7, however, I have heard stories and while they're hilarious to look back on and laugh at now, I have been assured that they were all terrible experiences at the time.

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