The heat index was in the triple digits on Saturday. That didn't stop 65,000 Swifties (Myself included) from having the best night ever! This was my first "Real" Taylor show. The last time I saw her, she was on a Walmart tour in Kentucky. Yes, I introduced Taylor Swift at the Nicholasville, KY Walmart.

This time around, her stage was considerably larger, and the props, effects and outfits were AMAZING! At one point, she even dodged a bird onstage!

There was an ongoing snake theme. Photo by Liberty.

I'm so amazed by the detail that went into every part of the show. I honestly have no idea how Taylor and her dancers were able to this in the heat. Even when the sun went down, it was still a sweat-fest.

Taylor + Fireworks! Photo by Liberty

Taylor really spoke to her fans, and was genuinely appreciative that we took time out of our Saturday, so she could entertain us. She told stories about some of her songs, and explained why she took some time off to figure out who she really is.

Just Taylor & her piano. Photo by Liberty

See all of the lights? We were all given a wristband that changed colors and flashed thoughout the show. Little details like this really makes the show stand out.

The light up wrist bands were so cool! Photo by Liberty

Let's be honest, usually the opening acts are meh. But not with the Reputation tour! Charli xcx and Camila Cabello killed it! They joined Taylor at one of the bonus stages for "Shake it Off". I still have no idea how they got through the crowd!

Camilla and Charli joined Taylor for "Shake it Off". Photo by Liberty

Taylor flying high! Photo by Liberty

No concert is complete for me without a visit to the merch table. I could spend an entire paycheck on tour merchandise. I couldn't decide with shirt I wanted, so i went a different route. The giant flag or tablecloth was $20, the white towel $15, and 2 pop sockets at $10 each.

All of my T-Swift merch! Photo by Liberty

If you have the opportunity to see Taylor Swift live, Do It! And let's not forget where it all started...

And that one time, Taylor sent me a letter #Swifty4Life

Taylor sent me this letter while I was out on maternity leave!