There's a good chance you're not seeing everything we put up on our Facebook page thanks to some behind-the-scenes tinkering by Mark Zuckerberg and crew. Here's how to fix that.

As an administrator of our Facebook fan page, I get access to what they call "Page Insights". Basically, these "Insights" show me how many likes we have, the names, ages, and genders of those who took the time to like the page and how many people are seeing the status updates we publish.

I noticed a disturbing trend several weeks ago where a very small percentage of the nearly 14,000 people who have liked our page are seeing our updates. Initially I chalked it up to people not checking their Facebook page as regularly, or checking it several hours after we post an update so it gets buried somewhere in the bottom of their news feed where they never see it.

Then I heard and read about other company's, and other stations in our building having the same issue. As it turns out, Facebook, now a publicly traded company, was intentionally allowing 10-15% of our fans to see the updates. If we want more of you to see them, then we can make that magically happen by paying for it.

Don't get me wrong, I get it. Facebook, like any other company is in the business to make money. But my personal opinion is that since they are now publicly traded and have shareholders to answer to, shareholders who invested in their product to also make money, they are limiting the amount of essentially free advertising company's get through their product.

However, there is a way around it (at least until Facebook tweaks it again). That is to add us as one of your "interests". Here's how you do it:

1. Go to our page (

Click the little gear on the right hand side of the page, and select "Add to Interest Lists" from the pull-down menu.


2. Create a New List


 3. Click "Next"

Clicking + New List will bring open a window that looks like this:


4. Name Your List

Call it anything you want.


5. Enjoy all the witty status updates from KISS-FM