5 Seconds of Summer released a hilarious behind-the-scenes video for their latest comic book-themed music video ‘Don’t Stop,’ recorded from the perspectives of their superhero alter egos.

Dr. Fluke, Smash, Cal-Pal and Mike-Ro-Wave — sometimes known as Australian musicians Luke, Ashton, Calum and Mike — sat down for an exclusive interview compiled as the 'Lost Tapes.’ Decked out in their colorful crime-fighting gear, the lads answered some hard-hitting questions about what it’s like to be superheroes.

“I don’t have any super powers. I’m gonna put it out there,” Cal-Pal shared. “I’m the worst superhero ever.”

That pretty much sums up the funny video and how seriously the band takes it. There are more shenanigans than actual answers, but that’s what makes the video and the band so great.

Watch Smash share how he got his super powers (and hear five times his glory story of how he saved a cat), find out what each member thinks of the others and who they decided leads this rowdy bunch of would-be heroes.

Check out the 'Lost Tapes’ above!

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