Just now starting your Christmas shopping? Yeah, me too. 

And the best mother/daughter/sister/fiance award goes to......ME!

In true Maddie fashion, I'm running behind. Shocker, right? Hardly. Last year was my son's first Christmas and I was on my A-game, but this year, things are a bit more hectic and I'm just lucky if my socks match on a given day. Not to mention, my son who was once a tiny baby is now a full-blown toddler, and I don't know if I need to do the math here but toddler + shopping = chaos (I thank the Good Lord every day for Walmart pick-up...and alcohol). So, yeah, I'm JUST NOW getting around to Christmas shopping.

Much like how I purchase my groceries, I did a majority of my Christmas shopping online. I also thank the Good Lord every day for Amazon Prime because ya girl would be STRESSED without it - especially this time of year. Shopping for my son is easy. I mean, he's literally entertained for hours with shoes and cardboard boxes. It's shopping for my mom, my sisters, and my dad that stresses me out.

So, if you're in the same situation I'm in, I'm here to help. Now that I've concluded my shopping with 5 days to spare, I'll show you the sweet deals I found on Amazon.

I've never seen a person decline a gift that makes them smell great and reduces stress. I currently need a good lather in this stuff. This is good for mom, sister, even or even the wife. There's no such thing as too many smell goods.

This is great for the dad that's always in the garage tinkerin' around.

Trust me...splurge on your mom a little. You'll never look back one day and wished you did less for your mom. I promise.

Nieces or nephews? I highly recommend arts and crafts. My sister has three kids and their house is exploding with toys. This is something that lets the be creative and also gives mom and dad a break while they're working on it.

Kind of like how you can't have too many smell goods, you never have too many bags. This is a good overnight bag, carry-on, beach bag, or gym bag.

Happy shopping!

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