This morning, it just randomly popped into my head that my daughter is going to be seven-years-old and I still don't miss being pregnant!

She's the only one of my children that I carried. I have step children and though they have caused me PLENTY of pain (in the butt - CARLEY) I didn't actually have the experience of avoiding all forms of lunch meat to ensure their complete safety.

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Now, let me be clear, I love my daughter and I feel so blessed that I was afforded the opportunity to be pregnant with her. But on the day she came into this world, even though I had a C-section, when my epidural wore off I felt instant relief. I literally felt so good that the next morning, I got up, found a broom and started cleaning my hospital room. They sent me home a day early.

Kathy Albin
Don't I look thrilled?  Photo: Kathy Albin

So, this morning when I thought, "Today, I still don't miss being pregnant," I wondered how many days I have felt this way. I looked on a time calculator and it has been exactly 2500 days. Coincidence?

When I was pregnant, I had some pretty nasty swelling and was high risk so I had to go to the doctor's office every Friday for a checkup. #peeinacupfriyay I was pregnant all throughout the summer so I was just uncomfortable. And to top it off, a couple weeks before delivery, she kicked me straight in the ribs. The doctor said that she probably hairline fractured it. Talk about pain - that you can't do anything about.

When people would ask me if I loved being pregnant, I'd answer honestly. Not really... Looking back, I should have just lied because the response that followed was always. the. same. Enjoy it - you'll miss it. GUILT inevitably followed that. How could I enjoy my pregnancy more? Why wasn't I loving CONSTANT peeing, swollen feet, jabs in the vital organs, and vomiting morning, noon, and night? I mean, kept a special trash can in my office just so I didn't have to get up every time I needed to barf so I could get some work done... What was wrong with me?? OFF TO A GREAT START, MOM.

Actual photo of my foot while pregnant. Photo: Ashley S
Actual photo of my foot while pregnant. ENJOY THIS!  Photo: Ashley S

I know those people were just trying to encourage me and had my best interest at heart but it took me a while to learn that we are all different. And it's okay. Some women really enjoy being pregnant. I didn't. Some women have hard deliveries. Mine was a breeze. Some people can't get enough of the baby stage. Not my favorite. Some people enjoy their kids more when they can wipe their own booties. Yes, this is me! I like having conversations and playing Uno!  None of this means I love my daughter any less or that it all sucked. There were cool things about being pregnant. My auto-immune disease subsided. People are nicer to you. My complexion improved!

And who knows, if I ever found myself pregnant again I might really love it. Just like each person is different, each experience is different too. Don't be too hard on yourself and celebrate the good stuff. Like, I'll be doing a little happy dance that 2,500 days in, I am loving being a mom to happy healthy kid and that she is on her own two feet and not on mine!

Emily Meier
Emily Meier

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