The end of 2020 can't come soon enough. While it's been a normal calendar year of 365 days (well, 366 since it was a leap year), it's certainly felt like its been 700 days long. But, like every other year before it, it will come to an end, and we can all look forward to (hopefully) brighter days ahead in 2021. And what better way to look ahead to the new year with a copy of the brand new 911 Gives Hope/Guns & Hoses calendar.

Like nearly every non-profit organization in the Tri-State, the fundraising efforts of 911 Gives Hope have taken a sizeable hit thanks to COVID-19. The pandemic, and subsequent gathering restrictions put in place by the state of Indiana to try and slow the spread of the virus, forced the organization to cancel their biggest fundraiser of the year, Guns & Hoses, which would have taken place at the Ford Center in April.

The cancellation means the group has to find other ways to make up the several several thousand dollars it would have received from the event. One way they look to do that is through the sale of the 2021 Guns & Hoses calendar.

While it won't make up the the full deficit, by purchasing a calendar, you'll be helping 911 Gives Hope continue their mission of supporting other children's charities in the Tri-State.

This year's calendar is a trip down memory lane with each month featuring a promotional poster from each of the 12 Guns & Hoses event to date, starting with the first Guns & Hoses for January, all the way to Guns & Hoses 12 for December.

Each month also spotlights a local children's charity the organization has supported over the years such as Mended Little Hearts, Highland Challenger League, Granted, and Hoosier Burn Camp.

The calendar's are available now for $15 each through the 911 Gives Hope Story on Etsy.

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