July 8th is national Be a Kid Again Day, and that got us thinking about some of our favorite times as a kid. Everyone likes to reminisce, so we asked our friends on Facebook to share one childhood experience/memory that they would like to relive.

This was kinda tough for me. I had a bunch of childhood memories bouncing around in my brain, but I was finding it difficult to pick just one that stood out the most. It was almost like there were too many, like I was overwhelmed. Luckily, our awesome listeners showed up and helped give me some clarity. They shared so many wonderful memories, some of which I could totally relate to, and some I had never experienced myself. All of them made me smile and some of them smacked me right in the feels (in the best way possible).

This might be one of my favorite things we've done. This topic certainly didn't generate the most comments we've ever had - the comments we did receive, though, we're so personal and intimate, that I can't help but feel closer to our listeners/friends. I would wager that, even though you don't know these people, reading about their childhood memories will stir up some of your own and put a big ol' smile on your face.

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12 Childhood Memories You'd Love to Relive

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