This morning, on my way to Castle North Middle School, I got a text message from our loveable freelance writer Sunny Richardson. You may have heard one of her hilarious mom lists on The Rob's Radio Show with Kat Mykals.

Usually Sunny texts me about blogs she's written and it takes me a couple of days to get back with her because I'm flaky like that. But this morning, when Siri read her text to me, my immediate response was, "Call Sunny."

While on her way from Owensboro to Evansville, Sunny witnessed a horrendous accident. An SUV had veered off the road, overcorrected, and flipped down an embankment on Water Works Road. Sunny and other onlookers raced to the accident and found the driver, Tydiesha S. Dejarnett,  pinned under the vehicle.

Though Ms. Dejarnett was pinned, she was conscious. Sunny rallied various motorists and walkers to the accident and together they pushed the vehicle off the driver who was dangerously close to the very hot engine.

When I talked to Sunny about an hour after the accident, I could tell she was still shaken. "I didn't know how we were going to get the vehicle off her but I knew we had to. She wanted me to pull her out but I knew that wasn't going to happen and we could hurt her worse than she already was. But, she was right next to the engine. So, I just started yelling for everyone who was in the vicinity to come help."

According to 14WFIE, Ms. Dejarnett was taken by ambulance to the hospital and though she has injuries, she's going to be okay!

"She's been on my mind all day and I'm tremendously thankful she's alright and that she's going to be okay. I want to thank the people who rushed to aid me lift the vehicle off her, the emergency responders, and I just wish I could have done more," Sunny said.

So, shout out to Sunny and all the good Samaritans for thinking fast and keeping their composure what could have been a terrible situation this morning! And, a speedy recovery to Ms. Dejarnett.


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