1) Playing in Fire Hydrants and Public Fountains
Nothing takes you back like playing in fire hydrants and fountains, right? My personal favorite is he fountain downtown. It's a great fountain and it's got a great view!

2) Snow Cone Booths are Open
Hello, summer! What better way to invite summer to officially begin than eating a shaved ice from your favorite local summer spot? Also, there's always the local wars of who has the better shaved ice.

3) Local Baseball
It's Bosse Field time with the Evansville Otters! Nothing like a good old summer evening spent with friends, family, and the Evansville Otters! The smells of popcorn and hot-dogs in the air combined with the sounds of children laughing and playing while watching their first ball game are the best!

4) Pools Open Soon

Water, sunscreen, and beach towels are the things that summer is made of. With several local pools to choose from, there's always a place to find fun in the sun in Evansville!

5) Outdoor Movies on Franklin
The outdoor movies may not quite compare to the movies you used to watch back in the day at Mesker Amphitheater, but they are the new summer tradition that everyone should employ.

6) The Shriner's Fest

Summer means Shriner's Fest! A good time and a great festival right on the Evansville Ohio River Front! It's always one that you don't want to miss!

7) Booze and Barbecues
Booze, barbecues, and charred meat. Ah, summer eats! Nostalgia rings true when you take a bite out of a burger that's raw on the inside and charred on the outside because your dad still doesn't know how to grill after 20 years of buzzed backyard barbecuing. Paging SaltBae!

8) Fireworks
Fireworks are beautiful and exciting and scream summer! However, fireworks are also dangerous and certain precautions need to be taken in handling them. Trust me, I know. My cousin almost blew off a finger once.

9) The Franklin Street Bazaar
The Franklin street bazaar is one of the best festivals of summer! Each week the bazaar sets up and hosts a variety of local booths and events for people to come and shop at! It's a fabulous place. If you've never been, you're missing out!

10) Bike Weather
The Harley's and the Scooters will be out in full force in this nice summer weather. Some scooter drivers will be totally compliant and some will be totally Evansville. Either way, bike weather is great!

Summer starts very soon. Enjoy your Evansville summer!

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