Twitter Handle: @robdelaney

If off-the-wall, edgy comedy that makes you "LOL", shake your head, and say, "WTF", then Rob Delaney is your guy. Ironically, I had never heard of the stand-up comedian until I saw a similar "must follow" list on Rolling Stone magazine's website shortly after hopping on the Twitter bandwagon. While most of his focus is on pop culture, politics, and general, everyday observations, he'll tweet other well known people or businesses to ask the most random questions, and he's the master at using hashtags as punchlines. However not every thing he tweets is funny, as a recovering alcoholic, he is a staunch opponent of legalizing marijuana, and he does use the account to promote upcoming shows or television appearances. Like many others on the Twitter, he does like to drop his fair share of naughty words and anatomy references, but if that doesn't bother you, give him a follow.

Rob Delany Tweets