Women are the queens of the world. As queens, we are dynamite at being petty and confusing, especially when it comes to a lippy boyfriend. Combine the stresses of life with an attitude from a significant other and our confusing, petty, sarcastic side comes right out to play. Unless you're ready for battle, know how to respond to these ten phrases women say that mean something entirely different!


1. “Do whatever you want.”
When your lady says this to you, it means absolutely do NOT do whatever you want. Under no circumstances should you just let go willy-nilly. You will regret it.

2. “I dont care.”
She does dare. She cares immensely. So pay attention. This can also mean, if you continue to ignore me, I might slash one of your tires.

3. “It doesn’t matter.”
Absolutely times a million, it does matter. Women like to pretend that they’re often times giving you a choice, when really they’ve already made the choice they would like for you to concur with abundantly clear and are just waiting for you to verbally confirm it. If you veer from her clearly previously identified choice, it’s curtains for you.

4. “Nothing.”
"Nothing," is the response a man typically gets when a woman has tried to express something to him about a billion times and he either ignores it or is too wrapped up in something else to care about it. If he then does not try to badger the ‘Nothing’ that actually is something out of his woman, all hell will break loose.

5. “I’m fine.”
Meaning, she's totally not fine. This is one of those phrases that is intended to lure in the man, wanting him to show concern or curiosity in why she has said ‘I’m fine’ when she clearly does not seem fine. “I’m fine,” is usually code for something like “I’m ticked off, and you better fix whatever it was that ticked me off.”

6. “Are you even listening to me?”
WARNING: if you have not been listening, you are about to have your face ripped off. If you can’t remember what she just said, do everything you can to try to come up with something, anything, or else you’re dead meat.

7. “We need to talk.”
Red flag! She is probably about to jump ship, leaving you to capsize without a life vest. Whatever it is she’s about to tell you is not just a simple talk, it’s serious business.

8. “Who were you talking too?”
“Who were you just talking too?,” is code for “If that was some woman I don’t know or I don’t like, or both, I will put an end to you.” Of course no one is going to murder anyone, but you just might end up limping home.

9. “Just give me a minute!”
Women don’t intend to lie about this, but we seriously under-estimate the time it will take to finish getting ready. Usually we are just fixing one misplaced curl or stray hair. The problem is, sometimes you cannot fix that hair. No matter what you do to it, it goes rogue. Therefore, it is necessary to redo your whole hairstyle to fix the one rogue hair. Five minutes turns into fifty in the blink of an eye, and honestly, we don't care if you like it or not. We have to look flawless or it's not even worth going out, now is it?

10. “Don't worry about it.”
Absolutely worry about it, and do something about it. Remember those dishes you said you’d do after dinner but left out overnight for her to do during the day? When you say, “I’m sorry, I can take care of that if you want,” we hear, “I’m lazy and knew you would do this if I left it there long enough.” Thus, we kind of hate your insincere guts. So, “Don’t worry about it,” is our way of saying, “I’ll do the dishes tonight, but your favorite video game may go missing tomorrow.”

Some of us are petty, all of us are confusing, and we just can’t help ourselves.

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