If I was ever given the opportunity to play a pickup game of football with members of the Colts, I'd be on the field before they even finished asking the question. Sure, I'd be totally out of my element and would probably drop more passes than I would catch, but the experience alone would leave me with a lifetime of memories. Fans of the North Carolina Tar Heels basketball team got that chance yesterday, including one 8-year old fan who wound up stealing the show.

While most fans who took the court wound up getting schooled by the team, Addis Cone showed off a few moves that could have coaches showing up at his door in about 10 years. Watch Addis pull off a between-the-legs dribble, steal the ball from an unsuspecting member of the opposing team, and drill shot after shot after shot (he comes in at the 3:00 minute mark). Mom and Dad may have just found out that they'll be getting off easy when it comes to paying for college.