There are many interesting featured artists on B.o.B.'s upcoming Strange Clouds album, but one in particular really jumped out as being odd to me.

The follow-up to B.o.B.'s critically acclaimed B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray album, Strange Clouds (which will feature "So Good") will have some pretty interesting artists.  Some, like T.I., Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj,Trey Songz, and Lil Wayne weren't so surprising.

Other featured artists seem like fresh faces to the rap scene, like Playboy Tre and Lauriana Mae for example.  I'm also really excited to hear what will probably very unique collaborations with Taylor Swift and Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic.

However, ONE unique featured artist I'm saving for last.  I don't know how this man will be used, possibly as a narrator, but possibly as a singer.  But the first track on B.o.B.'s Strange Clouds is called "Bombs Away" featuring MORGAN FREEMAN!!

I am even more excited for B.o.B.'s new album now knowing the narrator for March of the Penguins is a featured artist!!