Former Playboy Playmate rumored to be filling Elizabeth Hasselbeck's high heels.

This morning we reported that it has been rumored that Jenny McCarthy and Brooke Shields may be replacing Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar on "The View."  While I know she's not everybody's cup of tea, I actually think Jenny McCarthy is a fantastic choice for a show like this, and I'm curious if you agree.


I'm very particular about broadcast personalities, and don't throw around praise very often.  When it's deserved though, I'm happy to voice my opinion positively or negatively about other broadcasters.  That being said, I think Jenny McCarthy is one of the most underrated television personalities of all-time.


It goes without saying that she's gorgeous and photogenic.  And even some twenty years after she first bared all for Playboy Magazine, she's still amazingly pleasant on the eyes.  Oftentimes, the more beautiful a star is the more unbearable their personality is.  Such is not the case with McCarthy if you ask me.  I've seen her interviewed numerous times and find her to be incredibly affable, funny, and interesting.


Admittedly, for one reason or another, Jenny hasn't had a ton of television success.  She's been the tossed the ball a few times, and has never stayed with one project for very long.  Her first foray being a logical choice, with the MTV crowd.  She was an insanely-excited cohost of MTV's "Singled Out" in the mid-90s.  Her spot was then forfeited to fellow super-hot-chick Carmen Electra when Jenny was offered her own weekly sketch comedy show on the same cable channel.  The show wasn't renewed for a second season.  She had a short stint on network television as well, but nothing that lasted very long.  Most recently she was the host of a Friday night talk show on VH1 that even though I enjoyed I don't think did very well.  I think sliding her into an established show like "The View" where she can be spontaneous and let her personality shine is a GREAT move for both the show and for McCarthy.


What do you think...  Do you think Jenny McCarthy would be good for "The View"?