I pride myself on being pretty fearless. In fact there really are few things that completely freak me out. I've held snakes. I can squish my own spiders & bugs...

I'll be honest. The most terrified that I have been when dealing with nature would definitely be my run-in at one of the Great Lakes in Wisconsin. I was playing fetch with a black lab, and had kicked off my shoes so I could wade out into the water... not far, mind you. I was only far enough in to have the water at about my ankles.

All was good and fine, until I stepped out of the water. I looked down at my feet because I felt this really strange sensation. There, on my feet, were these small, black, slimy creatures that, when I tried to get one off, felt like it was actually moving in place on my foot. LEACHES!! Oh yeah. Not the giant "Stand By Me" size leaches, but leaches just the same! OMG! I was MORTIFIED!! At 18 years old, I actually cried like a 6 year old little girl!

That is one of the few times that I have ever been completely freaked out by a creature of mother nature... until I watched this National Geographic video about the worlds largest spider... A tarantula, known as the Goliath. Up to 12 inches across, and with fangs up to an inch long... Suddenly my skin started to crawl just like it did on that fall day back in 1997! Take a look... if you're brave enough!