I found this video, and apparently this woman is just having a really, REALLY, bad day!

She takes a minute to pull into what I believe is a parking garage, and then scrapes the side of her car along the wall, after that she runs head on into what I can't tell is either a wall or another car.  I think it's a wall because of the positioning of the security camera, you can then see smoke pouring out of her hood, after she gets out of her car to assess the damage, and then walk around a bit all of a sudden you see the car roll backwards and the door gets taken out by a wall. Theres a guy standing in the entrance watching most of this go down in what I think would be in total disbelief. At the end of the video she does what any normal person who just caused themselves three one-car accidents, she hides her face in shame.

This video is sad and pretty funny all at the same time, enjoy!